Are you being charged with a DUI, drug possession, or underage possession of drugs or alcohol? Don't panic!


Register now and feel reassured with our DUI / Risk Reduction program equipped with professionals who are certified by Georgia's Department of Driver Services. (DDS).


This is a 20 hour classroom course. Upon completion, you will be able to feel relieved with the necessary knowledge to be a substantial driver. First a standardized assessment will be taken to establish your level of involvement with alcohol or drugs.


The DUI / Risk Reduction course is $360.00 (this is a State of Georgia mandated fee) and must be paid before the first day of class. A certificate of completion will be given to you after completing and passing an exam with a minimum score of 70.

Times are as follows:

         Friday,       6:00pm  to  10:00pm

         Saturday,  8:00am  to  5:00pm  (12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break)

         Sunday,     8:00am  to  5:00pm  (12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break)




This is a 6 hour defensive driving program certified by the State of Georgia Department of Driver Services. The cost is $95.00.


This course will enhance ticket dismissals, suspension reinstatement, insurance discounts, with points and final reduction as well. This course will revitalize basic rules of the road, important violations not known by many, and important highway laws. The main finishing point for our students is receiving a certificate of completion which validates their committment and accomplishment of this course. You may direct the certificate to a judge for a ticket dismissal, your DDS establishment for various point reduction, or auto insurer for an insurance discount.



Should you have any questions, or need further information, feel free to contact our office at (229) 417-5147. You can also email us at: info@asdcga.com




Cordele Georgia Location                                                     Cordele Georgia Location

January 06, 07 and 08                                      January 01

January 20, 21 and 22                                     January 15

February 10, 11 and 12                                  January 29

February 24, 25 and 26                                  February 05

March 03, 04 and 05                                       February 19

March 17, 18 and 19                                       March 12

March 31, April 01 and 02                             March 26                

April 07, 08 and 09                                           April 16

April 21, 22 and 23                                           April 30

May 12, 13 and 14                                            May 07


May 26, 27 and 28                                             May 21

June 02, 03 and 04                                             June 11

June 16, 17 and 18                                            June 25

June 30, July 01 and 02

 Seating is on a first come                              

 first serve baisis.


                                                                                                  Other dates may be available if the student/offender requires.

                                                                                                  Please contact us today for more information.