Clinical Evaluation & Treatment

Clinical Evaluation & Treatment Services

  • Anger Management
  • Shoplifting 
  • Parnenting
  • Prime Life 420 (Marijuana Intervention and counseling)
  • Involve, Resolve, Evolve (I.R.E.) Court ordered program 
  • Conflict Resoulition (I.R.E.)

Anger Management

The course helps the client to face his or her anger episodes. Through ongoing processing in group and/or individual counseling sessions, the individual becomes awear of negative consequenses related to improper use of anger.  The individual can learn to transition from verbal and physical violence to healing and true emotional strength. Anger is energy, not inherently good or bad but only bcomes so depending on how it is used and our intentions for our lives. We can learn to stop turning our emoting and energy against ourselves and others.  We can learn to rework the process to maximize our positive effect in our daily environment. We can learn to shift from a blame-based thinking process to taking full responsibility for out thoughts, feelings and actions. We can develop our goals for self-improvement and redirect our focus toward accomplishing them. As we find our assertive voices, we feel more empowered in our communication with peers.  We feel less angry, trapped and unheard. We can shift our of fulfillment from outward circumstances (People, Places and Things) that can never make us happy to an inward focus and power that truly blesses us and others to produce long-term positive change. We look forward to assisting you in a ddressing your anger issues safely and accomplishing your personal goals as you learn triggers for anger impulses and healthy coping responses.

Clinical Evaluation

Individuals who have substance-related charges related to losing their driver's license can receive evaluation for need of clinical treamentment related to license reinstatement.  The individual's history of substance abuse and any prior history of treatment for this is considered. Individual will undergo clinical testing related to evaluation process

Clinical Treatment

Individuals can enroll in substance abuse group treatment for license reinstatement or based on referrals from probation, parole, DFCS, Child Support Enforcement, and other agencies.  In group treatment, individual can develop his or her goals for self-improvement. Individual can process his or her history of substance abuse and related legal problems.  Individual can explore triggers related to high-risk life style choices including but not limited to substance abuse. Individuals in treatment can learn healthy coping responses to fulfill goals for maintaining low-risk life style choices and avoiding future legal entanglements. 

Parenting DFCS

Individual can learn how to develop a healthy parenting style to effectively raise children.  The process of raising healthy children using open communication and instilling balanced discipline, self efficancy and healthy self-esteem and discussed.  Individual can learn the benefits of all family matters members by healty family dynamics that help everyone. Seeing problems as a call for family unity and teamwork strengthens individuals, family and communities.  The Parenting Program teaches healthy coping skills for all persons to function better in their lives as children, parents and others.

Court Approved